Saturday, February 16, 2008

BHM Featured Artist: C.B. Herrera Jewelry

Name: Carmen Beatriz
Store: C.B. Herrera Jewelry
Website/online presence:

A look behind the scenes:
After many years of running a very successful commercial cleaning business, C.B. Herrera, whose friends know as Betty, turned to relax a bit. She found herself interested in the jewelry her daughters were always coveting. So, to stop dishing out allowances that were satisfying shopping fetishes, Herrera picked up some tools and gems & went to work! "I'm not really inspired as much as I am in love with the peace jewelry designing offers me! A lot of times I get up around 1 a.m. and go to my studio and just start putting my ideas together."
Her pieces are an eclectic, yet fancy fusion of stones, crystals, earthy elements and one of-a-kind pieces she finds along her travels. She loves pretty things and wants to make sure her client is seen that way. A lot of pieces, no matter how earthy, will have a touch of crystal--may not be visible to the on-looker, but it's there! Her line is ever evolving and working toward a distinguishable look. She makes jewelry that any woman will love to wear.

Carmen lives outside Washington, D.C with her husband. She is currently rep'd by her daughter, Bren, in Atlanta, who puts on her designer hat every so often!

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Smell Goods '98™ said...

Isn't her work just simply beautiful and elegant? Yet another indie on my list to support.