Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Goals

I’m certainly glad 2009 has come. Truth be told, 2008 was sort a meh year for me. Nothing to complain about but no big good change. Just all around breaking even…and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But I would have liked to have a little of hurrah, a bit of sha-bang, a smidgen of wow in the ‘08, ya know?

Now, I usher in 2009 with new hope not only from our new President but from friends who are energized from the new year and starting new pursuits and goals. I start this year in the mood to make my yearly resolutions but go a little deeper with it. Not to just have a general list of to-do’s and will do’s but be way more reflective with the goals. I’m going to put more effort into 2009 and be a lot more hard-core with pursuing my goals. Become one with organization, tap back into being crafty for the fun-without it being a part of my business, to focus my business in a direction I am excited about again(already working on that), etc.

I am also going to focus on my writing more with regards to purpose of this blog and with my writing goals to write a novel(s) and craft book(s). I've been sitting on these ideas and plots for too long. For those that have been following this blog, thank you for hanging in there with me as I try to figure out its direction. I promise more posts/articles/ramble on whats happening & what new in the indie design scene.

Cheers to the new year, here’s to making it shine in 2009!!

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